Can’t all photographers take headshots? This is the assumption most people make. That’s when they hire their friend with a camera because it’s “just a headshot” – how hard could it be? Or they hire a photographer who is a jack of all trades. You might end up with a decent image, but then again you might not. True headshot photographers are few and far between in Tulsa. Most photographers out there offer pretty much every type of photography – weddings, portraits, babies, families, headshots – you name it and they’ll do it. The problem with this approach is that you truly become a jack of all trades but a master of none.

The importance of an image

No matter what type of business you may be in, you know the importance of your image and personal brand. Many companies spend considerable amounts of money on advertising and branding to ensure their message is consistent across all mediums. These same companies often times have outdated headshots that are not in line with their brand at all. People often forget about how quickly first impressions can happen, especially in the online world. It only takes about one tenth of a second for someone to make a judgement about you from looking at a photograph. This happens intrinsically. Seeking out professional headshot photographers is definitely worth your while. With your image (now we’re talking about your face) being everywhere these days, it isn’t wise to take a chance on a subpar headshot to represent your business and personal brand.

A Headshot is a Headshot

I’ve had a number of clients come to me after they hired another photographer (not a headshot specialist) to take their photo. When I asked them what they didn’t like about the images, they usually had a hard time verbalizing it. That’s because when most people view a headshot, they don’t immediately think about the lighting that was used or what the most flattering angles for that person would be. But that’s exactly what headshot photographers are thinking about. Most people just know that it isn’t a flattering picture and that the expression left a lot to be desired. Another common response I get is that their session with the other photographer was awkward and they felt uncomfortable. Well no wonder they didn’t like the final images! Feeling uncomfortable during a session will always result in lackluster final images. Headshot photographers know this! We understand that there is MUCH more that goes into the process of getting “just a headshot”.

Save time and frustration

While hiring headshot photographers may be more expensive than jack of all trades photographers, you’ll end up saving a lot of time and frustration in the long run. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had in the past who had never liked a headshot of themselves until they saw the final images we created during their session. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference too! Head on over to our sessions page to get started on your new headshots.

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