Staying in Business and Staying Safe

The world has been put on hold due to the pandemic, and many companies have transitioned their workforce to be fully remote and work from home. Having an updated headshot has become increasingly important in today’s online world and having a completely remote workforce has progressed this need further. If you’re in the Kansas City area and are looking for modern, approachable headshots for your team, we have you covered.

Like many other companies, the pandemic last year nearly took us under. We’ve been able to slowly get things rolling again over the last few months while keeping strict health and safety protocols in place. The good thing about portrait photography is that it can be done at a safe distance whether in the studio or outdoors. When we schedule headshots in Kansas City, our first priority is making sure that you and your team feel comfortable and safe throughout the entire process. Our photographers always wear masks and maintain a safe working distance from your team members. There should never be a need for any of your team members to touch any of the equipment we use, however, we sanitize our equipment just to be safe.

We can go remote!

In keeping with the times, we are trying to do most of our headshot sessions outdoors to limit the risk of covid transmission as much as possible. Our offices are located in the Crossroads area in downtown Kansas City, but we can travel anywhere in the surrounding area! We have several outdoor and indoor locations we use that work perfectly for headshots. We photograph teams of all sizes, from 5 people to 500 people. Obviously with the pandemic, we are limiting the number of people we photograph at one time, but we are happy to schedule multiple sessions if you have a larger team.

Downtown Kansas City has so much to offer for great backgrounds for headshots and business portraits. Many people default to the “studio gray” backgrounds for headshots because that’s what they’ve always seen in the past. For the vast majority of our clients, we recommend getting away from the “studio” backgrounds and instead using what we refer to as “environmental backgrounds.” This is basically the blurred out background effect that you see in many portrait photos. Images with these backgrounds are typically much more approachable than a studio background image. They also tend to stand out more online in the sea of gray and white headshot backgrounds.

Moving Forward to a New Year

Our goal during these uncertain times is to help you and your company maintain a professional, modern online presence with world-class headshots while also keeping you healthy and safe. No one could’ve predicted this pandemic but we are all learning to adapt and keep moving forward. We hope to see you in this new year as we continue to make the internet a prettier place, one fantastic headshot at a time!

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