You can hire any photographer in Tulsa if you’re looking for headshots. There are plenty to choose from! The problem is that most photographers shoot multiple genres like weddings, seniors, babies, and assume that headshots are just an easy add on item. So if you go to one of these photographers, you’ll probably get a mediocre headshot. Just like any other type of photography, headshots are a speciality and deserve to be treated as such. What most people view as “just a headshot” has a huge impact on your first impression and your overall brand.


“But I just need 1 headshot” is a phrase I often hear. One headshot, if done by a specialist, has a lot of value beyond a new profile picture on Facebook. Your face is everywhere in today’s world and a great headshot can be an invaluable tool to make a stellar first impression. First impressions happen in about one tenth of a second. Having an image that stands out (for the right reasons!) can profoundly impact that impression. No matter what type of business you’re in, having a professional headshots is necessary if you’re taking your public image seriously.


When I say I am a headshot photographer, I really mean it! Headshots are the only thing I do. Like any other field, hiring a specialist is more expensive than hiring a jack of all trades. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. There is much more that goes into these images than a couple lights and a good smile. The key to a great headshot is providing the opportunity for genuine human connection through your eyes and expression. My expertise lies in making people look and feel like the best version of themselves in front of the camera. For the vast majority of people, this is not a skill that comes naturally. My promise to you is that at the end of your session, you will not only love the images we capture, you will feel a true a sense of how to look and feel great during a photoshoot.


Again, hiring a specialist is going to be more expensive than hiring your friend with a nice camera. You have to think about your personal needs, budget, and expectation for the end product. If you surf around LinkedIn for awhile, you will immediately see the difference between a professional and non-professional image. When you start searching for photographers, make sure you’re searching for a true headshot specialist. Look at the photographer’s website, check out their portfolio, and see what other genres of photography they focus on. Ultimately, only you know what your needs and budget are. Make the best decision for yourself and what you think will provide the biggest benefit to your online image, your brand, and the success of your business. If you want to check out the packages we offer, head over to our pricing

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