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Conferences and trade shows are a perfect place to offer large event headshots as an added point of value for attendees. With the proliferation of professional headshots across almost every industry, it’s no wonder that people have started offering this service at these types of large events. Our professional headshot photographers make the process of event headshots easy and efficient. Whether you have 100 people or 10,000 people, we have custom packages to accommodate events of all sizes.

A Professional Photo Booth

Ever done a photo booth at a wedding reception? The ones where you hold a prop or put on a goofy hat and a photographer snaps a few photos and then prints them out for you. Think of a more professional, high tech version of those. Our event headshot booths provide a professional headshot experience for people attending a conference, trade show, or any other type of large event. Our professional photographers will coach each person through a quick session (usually around 60 seconds). All the photographs will be uploaded to an online gallery where each person can choose and download high quality versions of their headshots. An instant digital copy will also be sent to their smartphone immediately after their session so they can update all of their social profile photos right away.

Useful and Unique

Large event headshots are the perfect solution for companies looking to provide a unique, useful experience at their conference or trade show. Headshots are something everyone in the business world needs, no matter what type of industry in which they work. However, most people put off updating their headshots either because of the expense or because they just can’t find the time in their schedule. By offering large event headshots, we are aiming to provide a solution to those people who have been putting off updating their pictures. Depending on the number of people, the cost per person for our professional headshot boots can be as low as $5! That’s an incredible value that can simply be added into the price of attendance for your tradeshow.

Our Process

The process we use for our large event headshots is extremely efficient while still leaving each person with the feeling like they really received a professional session experience. Our event sessions are basically condensed versions of our in studio sessions. You still get the professional photographer, the professional lighting and background, and the direction on posing that you get with all of our sessions. The difference is that each person is done in less than 60 seconds! From posing for the photos, to choosing their favorites, and having their image of choice immediately sent to them on their smartphone, each session experience is fast and fun. We always have a team of professional headshot photographers working each booth so that the process never slows down. No matter how many people are at your conference, we guarantee we can deliver beautiful images for each and every one of them.

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